About us

Our Vision

To innovate, engage and interconnect learning experiences with students and teachers.

To improve learning outcomes for students in isolated areas by creating engaging and exciting 21st-century educational environments.

To create a culture of opportunity for every student.


Our Social Responsibility

Our digital technology programs will embed the principles of good digital citizenship and online responsibilities.

Our work practices will be based on equity, workplace diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to promoting STEM opportunities for females.


About Us

Edge IT Learning is a Digital Education Consultancy company created by one passionate ICT guru (Nicola Walters) and two enthusiastic and experienced teachers (Rose Mitchell and Emily Gibbs Connor). We are located in Broome WA, and provide innovative and dynamic learning opportunities for educators within remote locations.


We provide advice to schools and offer a number of courses to develop teacher’s skills in the effective use of technology in the classroom. All our coaches are qualified members of the Apple Consultants Network and part of Microsoft Education Network. We are associated with Leading Edge Computers, Broome which allows us also to supply schools with education technology with competitive pricing.